Srijan provides seed stage investment to technology startups.  We target start-ups that are based out of India, or have India as a target market.  

We typically invest in angel/seed rounds.  We often syndicate our investments, and invest with like minded individuals/funds. We  provide value to our portfolio in 3 aspects  (1) Product (2) Customer Acquisition, and (3) Capital.  


We also are entrepreneurs and run our own start-ups.  We know hands-on what it takes to build a start-up from scratch, and can be more valuable as a investor.  We are bootstrapping Srijan by running our own startup.  We are strong in only few areas, and we invest ONLY in areas where we have a solid operating level knowledge.  

We want to be known for our operating skills and not because we offer capital to the start-up.  Having access to capital is a commodity, but access to functional skills that can build from 0 to 1 is rare. 


Our focus areas are - Internet  of Things , SAAS, and Consumer Internet  startups.

We also incubate start-ups, where we work in trenches at a co-founder level.  We do only 1 incubation in a one or two years. Our strengths are Consumer Marketing, and Digital Marketing. Incubation rounds are larger size and cover the cost of running the company for 2 years.

Our current incubation includes CouponRani & active investments are  Explara, Tookitaki, Mech MochaVenturesity and CollateBox.